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The best pacifiers and baby accessories online

Nowadays the world is doing its shopping online, and the information age is showing no let-up in transforming our lives. Convenience is one of the factors driving current online shopping trends, and if there is one demographic that really needs convenience, then it is surely the parents of newly born infants! in this articles you will find The best pacifiers and baby accessories online!


All baby products in one place at Baby Naya 

Online shopping can be done anytime, whether relaxing on the sofa after a busy day, sitting at the breakfast table, or even when you are up in the early hours after attending to your baby’s middle-of-the-night cries. No travel is involved, no need to find a parking space, and no energy is needed for walking around for hours in places you’d rather not actually spend time!

Further, you get to browse products quickly and seamlessly, with all information displayed at the click of a button. Payment is likewise instant and hassle-free. The American brand Baby Naya proudly carries a wide selection of baby care products on its website: Everything you need for your little bundle of joy can be found here, in myriad shapes, colors, and sizes.


The best pacifiers all in one place


The pacifier industry is now a multi-billion-dollar concern, and the market for these products has expanded beyond all expectations as concerns about their viability as an effective parenting tool have all but evaporated thanks to the latest research on the matter.


So, which pacifier should you choose?  Will you go with Mushie, BIBS, or Frigg?  Which is your preferred color? Are looking for natural rubber pacifiers or silicone pacifiers?  Have you heard about pacifier clips, and will your treat yourself to a trendy Tous pacifier clip?  The answer of course is that it comes entirely down to your choices and preferences. Let’s take a look at some of the market leaders in the world of pacifiers and baby accessories.


BIBS Pacifiers

In the unlikely event that you have not heard of this company, then welcome to the world of BIBS, the enormously popular baby care product enterprise that has taken the online world by storm in recent years.  As with many baby product companies, BIBS hails from Scandinavia, and Denmark specifically, home of all good things to do with infant accessories, for reasons as yet unfathomed.


BIBS pacifiers have proved fantastically popular with Mums and Dads across the world.

The company offers a wonderful variety of pacifiers, from the BIBS De Lux Silicone Pacifiers that pay tribute to the original classic designs, to the BIBS Latex Boheme Pacifier whose organic design has created its own trend and huge acclaim.

Breastfeeding the natural way with the BIBs pacifier silicone range

These pacifiers cater specifically to Mums who have decided to do things the way nature intended. The shields are 100% manufactured from food-safe materials, with the BIBS pacifier size consisting of a single-sized nipple that is designed to suit infants aged 0-36 months.

A Frigg Pacifier vs BIBS?

Another company hailing from Denmark, Frigg is a modern-day success story that takes its name from the legend of the Viking Goddess known as Frigg. Reportedly the manufacturer of the only pacifier to be 100% produced in Denmark, Frigg provides a nice variety of baby care items, as well as some eye-catching pacifiers.  For example, the Frigg Daisy Pacifier is a beautiful product based on the daisy flower, which is the national flower of Denmark, and symbolizes pure and innocent nature. The design of the pacifier imitates the flower, with a yellow center adorned by surrounding white petals.

Pacifiers that literally glow in the dark   

The Frigg Daisy Pacifier can also be bought with a glow-in-the-dark feature whereby the handle glows softly in the dark, but without hurting your baby’s eyes or disrupting their sleeping schedule. This version of the pacifier goes by the delightful name of “Daisy Night”.

Frigg pacifiers usually come in two sizes, one with a 30mm nipple and the other a little smaller at 27mm.

Mushie Pacifiers and Mushie Toys

The Mushie company, named after the founder’s wife, is another business that has seen its popularity and sales skyrocket in the last decade. Its popular baby care products are available on and remain some of its bestsellers. Mushie’s emergence as a leading player in the marketplace for baby products can be attributed both to its ethical stance and the quality of its products.

A full range of Mushie babycare products

The product range includes natural rubber pacifiers and silicone pacifiers, Mushie bibs, Mushie stacking rings, pacifier clips, various Mushie toys, teething balls, and so much more.


The best pacifiers and baby accessories online – Summary

So, there we have it. As you can see, there are now multiple best-selling brands providing a variety of wonderfully efficient, superbly designed, and ethically produced baby items for the discerning mother and father, all of which can be comfortably browsed and purchased at


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