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Kiddikutter Child Safe Knife Cuts food, not fingers


Kiddikutter child-safe knives are designed for children 3 years and older to cut their own food SAFELY.

Kiddikutter child-safe knives are designed for children 3 years and older to cut their own food SAFELY. This fabulous knife will cut anything that a sharp knife can but it won’t cut children’s fingers due to the rounded serrations of the stainless steel blade. It works by using a sawing action, remember Kiddikutter is not sharp, so it won’t chop.

A KiddiKutter knife is a fun and safe way for parents to teach their children one of the most important life skills – Cooking. Children love to cook, and while they are cutting the fruits and veggies for dinner they will be tasting.

Kiddikutter Knives are BPA free with a food safe coated stainless steel blade and fabulous easy grip BPA free handle.

They are a fun way to improve fine motor skills.  You and your children will have safe, stress free fun in the kitchen, you don’t need to worry about nasty cuts.

Expect the contents of your fridge and fruit-bowl to be experimented on!

How do Kiddikutter Knives work?

KiddiKutter has no sharp edges, yet it will cut any food from a soft tomato through to a steak. How? It is able to do this by using a sawing action rather than relying on sharp teeth or blades, making it safe for your budding junior master chefs to use when helping you in the kitchen preparing lunch or dinner or if they are using them at the dinner table.

KiddiKutter knives are such fun to use, your child will soon be making their own lunches and cutting the veges up for dinner. We have been told time and time again that kids using KiddiKutter knives are trying foods they never would have dreamed about eating before! Now that is a real bonus!

Some children may take longer to learn the sawing action, that’s fine! Just keep letting them try with softer fruits and veges, and build up to harder foods, using KiddiKutter is a great learning experience, your child will love.

  • Made of stainless steel blade with brightly coloured food-safe coating
  • Designed with rounded serrations that will cut through food but not your kids’ fingers
  • BPA-free handle allows for better grip and control
  • Cuts both hard and soft food through a sawing motion
  • Fun way to help your children improve their motor and cooking skills without risking injuries
  • Makes a great and useful present for kids 3 years and older
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