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Bibs tie dye

The Original BIBS Tie Dye collection

Special Edition Category

We are excited to introduce our brand-new special edition category – Bibs tie dye. The special editions will feature pacifiers with prints and colors we don’t offer in our normal color range e.g., seasonal prints, color trends within fashion, and locally adapted color schemes to honor local celebrations and holidays. The first of many great special editions are our ‘Tie Dye Collection’.

We have been over the moon with excitement to launch the Tie Dye Collection from the very first color tests. Tie dye is the hottest fashion trend at the moment, with all the great fashion brands launching tie dye collections. So, with this collection your baby will be the coolest kid in town. We have great hopes and expectations for this collection and cannot wait to see the cool tie dye pacifiers on babies around the world.

Unique collection and colors

The collection is unique in many regards, but mostly since every pacifier is different due to the coloration. All colors are based on our best-selling colors, mixed with our all-time favorite ‘Ivory’ – giving the pacifiers a soft and subtle feel to the edgy tie dye look.

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