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Mushie Toys

Mushie toys is one of several brands featured at Baby Naya and offers a full range of baby care products for mothers and fathers around the world. Mushie launched as recently as 2018 and already enjoys a substantial share of the market. This is a testament to its excellent products, expert aesthetic touch, as well as a commitment to ethical and environmental concerns.

Online shopping has taken off to a degree few envisaged a couple of decades ago, and is now a preferred shopping method for many parents worldwide. This is understandable, given the degree of convenience — an especially important advantage for those taking care of newborn infants and with precious little time to spend traipsing around malls, finding a parking space, etc.

Mushie toys stacking rings and much more

Mushie offers a variety of toys for babies, including their famous stacking rings, and of course their range of pacifiers. Baby Naya is proud to feature a number of popular Mushie toys and practical parenting aids, whether it be natural rubber pacifiers, silicone pacifiers, or the iconic Mushie bibs. There are also a number of other famous brands available at Baby Naya, so you can also browse for trending items such as the Tous pacifier clip, the Bibs Latex Boheme Pacifier, or the Frigg Daisy pacifier.

A Frigg Pacifier vs Bibs 

One of the most popular items in the world of online shopping for infants is, of course, the pacifier. Now that these favorite parenting aids have become largely accepted as an essential parenting tool and given that safety concerns have been mostly assuaged by recent expert studies, the market for pacifiers has expanded beyond recognition.

Parents can now sit in the comfort of their own homes and browse the vast range of pacifiers at their leisure, for example comparing the Bibs pacifier silicone range while determining which Bibs pacifier size to select.

Extra online shopping favorites for babies

As well as the obvious examples of popular baby products such as pacifiers, the marketplace has evolved to include a whole set of various baby care items that might have previously escaped the attention of otherwise well-meaning Mums and Dads. For example, pacifier clips are now experiencing soaring popularity due to several factors that include not only their immense time-saving practicality, but also the ease of shipment due to their size, and their relatively low price point.

Mushie toys – Safety Issues

As always, we remind parents to pay attention to the safety warnings that come with various baby care products. Accidents can happen all too easily. Parents should pay special attention to small items such as the beads that can be found on pacifier clips and other accessories that represent potential choking hazards.


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