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How do Pacifier Clips Work?

The basic idea behind the invention of pacifier clips work is to ensure that pacifiers and teethers remain within a baby’s reach while reducing the workload of parents who would otherwise have to hunt around to find a lost and dirtied binky. As well as the advantages of better hygiene, our babies also get the chance to learn to locate their pacifier by themselves whenever they choose.


Pacifier clips work by clipping onto the baby’s clothing, ensuring that the pacifier always remains within reach, clean and germ-free. There are many kinds of pacifier clips, in fact, they come in all shapes in sizes. However, many parents like to choose their own styles, often colorful and engaging. You can make your own pacifiers, or you can shop online at websites such as Baby Naya offers a wide range of products, including popular items from well-known sources such as FRIGG and Bibs. They also carry a selection of Mushie toys, including the excellent Mushie stacking rings.


Pacifier clips are becoming an almost essential item for today’s parents, especially now that pacifiers have become increasingly recognized as a beneficial parenting aid. Further, medical experts and parenting specialists have recently found that any claimed negative effects of using pacifiers have little actual evidence to back them up. Most parents now attest that babies can be given pacifiers to quieten their distress, as well as a form of distraction both at home and in otherwise potentially stressful situations. Some researchers are also now claiming that the use of pacifiers can be associated with a substantial reduction in sudden infant death syndrome, while binkies have also been found to reduce babies’ crying during some uncomfortable medical procedures.


Baby Naya focuses on pacifiers made from either rubber or silicone, as these materials are much safer than the plastics that were previously popular but have since been found to contain various harmful chemicals such as BPA. Rubber is a naturally occurring material, whereas silicone is an industrially produced substance. They are thus quite distinct materials, but each possesses excellent properties that ensure they are a good choice for the manufacture of pacifiers.


Rubber latex has the advantage of being natural, but will also degrade naturally under influences such as heat, UV-light, air, saliva, etc.  Silicone is much sturdier and will last a lot longer than rubber, all the while retaining its shape and withstanding high temperatures. But, it is not as soft as rubber latex. Silicone has no odor and is taste-neutral, and it is also allergy-friendly. On the other hand, rubber latex can have a specific smell and taste.


Natural rubber latex is more likely to resemble a mother’s breast because it is nice and soft. Therefore, most mothers who choose natural breastfeeding will elect to begin using pacifiers made from this material. So, what is the best pacifier for breastfed newborns?  Well, some binkies are specifically designed for breastfed babies – they are often cherry-style or rounded to offer a better simulation of a nipple, while the natural rubber latex provides a better simulation of the breastfeeding environment.


On the other hand, bottle-fed babies can either be given the cherry-style pacifier, or the orthodontic shape, commonly referred to as ‘ortho’. This could be more suitable for baby teeth, as it has a flatter shape that enables a baby to hold a more natural jaw position.


However, some modern models such as the Bibs De Lux Silicone Pacifiers are recommended by some midwives for breastfeeding mothers.  The specific shape and length of the silicone nipple are said to promote a correct sucking technique at the breast, and the “one size” is promoted as being suitable for all ages up to 36 months.


For those who simply must have the natural rubber latex, the Bibs Latex Boheme Pacifier is a very popular product available at Baby Naya. It is made from 100% food-safe material and comes with a modern and creative design.


So, now that you have more information about all the various pacifiers on the market, it’s time to get your pacifier clips ready and organized. It is super easy and fun to browse through the selections here at Baby Naya. And if you choose to make your own, then there are so many color and material variations, you are bound to find something that matches your tastes. And why not choose a few different styles, maybe to match the various outfits your little one will wear at different times? Do you want brightly colored beads to stimulate attention and brighten up the day? Perhaps you would prefer a matte finish in pastel colors to assist in calming the mood? Whichever styles you choose, you will be eternally grateful for the convenience of no longer having to hunt around for lost and soiled pacifiers, as well as enjoying the extra time this frees up. Your baby will be happier too!


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