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Bibs Pacifiers or FRIGG Pacifiers?

Bibs Pacifiers or FRIGG Pacifiers? Now that the use of pacifiers has gained worldwide acceptance as an effective parenting tool, the market for these items is developing apace. Further, with the advent of online shopping, parents who would otherwise be pushed for time and energy can now spend a few relaxing moments at home browsing the various designs, shapes, sizes of colors of baby products, from Mushie stacking rings through to TOUS pacifier clips, and the vast range of pacifiers, or dummies, as the Brits and the Aussies like to call them.


frigg pacifier vs bibs

In this article, we will look at a selection of modern pacifiers that are currently trending across the world of online shopping, and in particular, we will compare the Bibs pacifiers with those offered by FRIGG. Parents should bear in mind that their choice of pacifier will no doubt be largely dependent upon a number of practical factors, including size, material, their baby’s preference, availability, and so forth. After that, aesthetic qualities such as color, design, and shape can be added to the equation.


For those new to parenting, it might be advisable to buy a number of different pacifier products right off the bat, as you don’t want to be spending difficult days waiting around for a replacement product to arrive. Our little loved ones are generally not shy about expressing a pretty strong preference about what they want to stick in their mouth or otherwise, so our learning curve may be steep but probably quickly navigated.


Let us, therefore, continue our learning here, and take a look at some of the available options. As new parents, you may have noticed that much of the marketplace for baby products is dominated by companies emanating from Scandinavia, and in particular, Denmark. One such enterprise is FRIGG, named after the Viking Goddess Frigg, and which confidently claims that it produces the only pacifier that is 100% made in Denmark. With pacifiers available in more than 60 colors, it certainly offers parents a wide choice of products. Let’s take a look at a few.


The FRIGG Daisy Pacifier is modeled on the national flower of Denmark, the daisy, which symbolizes innocence and purity. Accordingly, it features a rosette comprised of white petals tucked around a yellow center. It also comes with the fascinating option of a glow-in-the-dark version, appropriately named Daisy Night – the handle and knob glow gently in the dark, making it easy to find in the dark. But don’t worry, it is a gentle enough glow so as not to hurt your baby’s eyes. Other FRIGG models include the Moon Phase, inspired by the motion of the moon, and the FRIGG Rope which is made to symbolize the life-giving cord and bond that connects a mother and her child.


All of these FRIGG options are available in two sizes, a 27 mm nipple for infants aged 0-6 months, and 30 mm for those aged 6-18 months. Furthermore, they are all free from any toxic substances.

Bibs Pacifiers or FRIGG Pacifiers

Let’s now take a look at some Bibs pacifiers, and in particular the Boheme model and the De Lux silicone versions. Bibs is another Danish company with an interesting backstory and an admirable commitment to safety and environmental issues. The Bibs Latex Boheme Pacifier features a natural and organic design based on modern interpretations of Boho chic, while the Bibs De Lux Silicone Pacifiers offer a modern take on the original and iconic Bibs product. They feature an elegant design combined with a matte finish for a first-class look, and they are designed to support mothers who choose natural breastfeeding. The nipples come in only “One Size”, which, it is claimed, are perfect for all infants aged 0-36 months. The shields, meanwhile, are made from material that is 100% food-safe.


While you are busy browsing pacifier products here on, you may also wish to check out the latest lines in pacifier clips. These simple but effective tools can save you hours of stress hunting and cleaning discarded pacifiers, as well as teaching your infant how to replace their clean pacifier back in their own mouth. There are all kinds of pacifier clips available in today’s marketplace, and a whole assortment of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. However, there is currently one that stands out at the time of writing, and that is the TOUS pacifier clip range currently trending online. This high-quality item is part of the distinctive Sweet Dolls collection and features a bear made from sterling silver. To add further inspiration to this already beautiful piece, there is also the option to have your own unique message engraved on the clip.

Frigg or bibs

We wish you luck with your choice of pacifiers and clips, and to conclude this article, we would quickly like to remind you to put safety first and make sure you adhere to some basic safety protocols. Firstly, make sure that you do not leave your child alone with beads or other products that could represent choking hazards. Secondly, the U.S. compliance standards for pacifier clips state that they should be no longer than 6-8″.


Thanks for reading, and happy parenting!


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