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Are Mushie pacifier clips useful, and how do I clean them?

Our infants adore their pacifiers, and their parents no doubt appreciate them almost as much. There is almost no downside to the use of pacifiers, especially as experts have now concluded that their research does not show any significant risk to development or other health problems.

So, Are Mushie pacifier clips useful?

In fact, the only issue that can potentially arise is when a pacifier gets lost or dropped on the carpet, or worse!  Not only do we have to spend time hunting around for the cherished item, but we also have to then clean it, not to mention take care of a newly distressed toddler. So, how do we keep tabs on our precious pacifiers? Yes, you guessed it – pacifier clips! Get yourself equipped with this small but crucial tool, or even better, several, and your pacifiers will never go awol again.

Pacifier clip designs – Are Mushie pacifier clips useful?

Essentially you have two choices – you can either purchase pacifier clips or your choice, or you can make your own according to your preferences and tastes. As well as being extremely useful to the point of being indispensable, the world of pacifier clips is full of design potential and colorful options that can please both a baby and its parents at the same time. They also make the perfect gift item for anybody who has a baby or is on their way to parenthood.

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In the midst of the countless possibilities available on the internet, reputable sites such as that run by the American brand Baby Naya can give you a sense of the range of products that might best suit your needs and tastes. Here is the link:

Baby Naya also offers a multitude of baby care products, from Mushie stacking rings through to TOUS pacifier clips, as well as the full range of pacifiers. This is a great place to shop for Mushie toys as well as those made by other brands. For example, you might want to order popular items such as the Bibs latex Boheme pacifier, or the Frigg Daisy pacifier. You can also learn about a variety of relevant topics such as which Bibs pacifier size would best suit your infant, or learn about the advantages of a Frigg pacifier vs Bibs. Does your loved one prefer a Frigg rubber pacifier or a Bibs pacifier (silicone)?

Why pacifier clips and how do they work?

The essential premise underlying the invention of pacifier clips is to make it easier for babies and their parents to keep pacifiers and teethers within reach at all times. Not only does this alleviate the usual problems associated with misplacing something, it also substantially reduces the work for parents who might otherwise need to spend valuable time and energy searching for and then cleaning a dirty and germ-ridden pacifier. On top of all the positives that come from maintaining better hygiene, our infants can also learn to relocate their pacifier by their own efforts and in their own time, learning valuable skills in the process.

The way pacifier clips work is really quite simple – they simply clip onto a baby’s clothing, thereby guaranteeing that the pacifier remains within the infant’s sphere, clean and germ-free.

Pacifier clip types and designs

There are many different styles and designs of pacifier clips – they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. For example, the TOUS pacifier clip range includes items such as the Sweet Dolls collection, complete with teddy bears made of sterling silver, and so much more besides. They also offer the option to choose your own personalized message to get engraved on the clip.

With respect to safety and compliance, we should state that U.S. compliance standards for these items recommend that they be no longer than 6-8″. Further, please take care to never leave your child alone with choking hazards such as beads or other small individual objects.

How do I clean pacifier clips?

There are various methods for cleaning your pacifier clips, but we should mention from the outset that pacifier clips should never be put in the dishwasher – they are not dishwasher safe. The best options for cleaning your pacifier clips include time-honored methods such as using mild soaps and detergents with some warm water and a non-abrasive cloth. Of course, the whole cleaning process is going to depend on the materials from which your clip is made from, so do take care to check with the manufacturer about the composition of your pacifier clip, and if there are any other washing instructions.

Clearly, precious metals, such as silver, will require special attention. We also suggest that, means permitting, you purchase or make several pacifier clips to ensure that you always have a clean replacement at hand, and are therefore not pressured into washing a sullied item at an inconvenient moment.

Are Mushie pacifier clips useful? Summary

In conclusion, we suggest that you take care of your Mushie pacifier clip in ways similar to those with which we might take care of your baby – i.e. clean frequently, with great care and attention to all the moving parts and the needs arising in each unique case.


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