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Are Mushie bibs dishwasher safe?

Baby products and parenting tools are now a huge billion-dollar business but, Are Mushie bibs dishwasher safe?

Helped by the new worldwide e-commerce marketplace, and the wealth of information available at customers’ fingertips online, companies have been able to reach millions of parents and convince them of both the practicality and the aesthetic appeal of their products.

Baby pacifiers and baby feeding bibs now sell in unprecedented numbers online, and Mushie is now one of the world’s leading brands in baby care products.

The Mushie Story – Are Mushie bibs dishwasher safe?

This all happened in just a few years, with co-founder and CEO of Mushie, Levi Feigensen, only launching the eco-friendly toddler accessories label as recently as the summer of July 2018 with his wife, whose name is Mushie.

The idea to sell safe baby products came about when Mushie was diagnosed with an illness while pregnant. During this challenging time, she was nevertheless able to enjoy researching quality baby products for her family.

Mission Statement

In light of their own hard-won experience, the founders of Mushie decided that they wanted to sell products that would bring calm to parenting, alongside a passion for aesthetics, function, and safety.  They, therefore, made it a priority to emphasize non-toxic materials and to only work with fair-trade suppliers and high-quality products.


Mushie takes a keen interest in matters relating to the environment, and therefore seek to avoid the culture of disposable and single-use goods. Mushie thus supplies products that are built to last – no planned obsolescence here.

Silicone bibs

Mushie’s silicone bibs are not only one of Mushie’s best-selling products – they are one of the most sought-after products across the entire marketplace of infant-related items. As with many best-in-class baby products, Mushie’s baby bibs are designed in Scandinavia. They feature both classic and modern patterns, providing a look that is at once timeless and chic.

Crafted from food-grade silicone, the Mushie bibs are of course free from phthalates and BPA. They feature built-in neck fasteners that ensure a comfy yet snug fit. The front pocket is well-designed to catch errant food, ensuring that both your baby and the surrounding area are kept clean.

Stain resistance and ease of cleaning

The smooth silicone material is perfectly stain-resistant and does not absorb liquids or even water, making it extremely practical and hassle-free for busy parents. You can simply wipe your bib clean with a damp cloth. Alternatively, you can wash it using soap, while for those who prefer to use dishwashers – yes, the Mushie baby bibs are dishwasher safe!

The main features of Mushie bibs

  • Produced from food-grade silicone
  • 100% BPA and phthalate
  • Measures 11.06 x 9.49 x 1.65″
  • Built-in neck fasteners that ensure a comfy fit for your infant
  • A deep front pocket expressly designed to catch and food and drink that doesn’t make it down the correct path!
  • Dishwasher safe!

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Popular websites including the one run by the American brand Baby Naya offer you the chance to buy a wide range of baby care products.

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Mushie bib designs – Are Mushie bibs dishwasher safe?

This is an area where the Mushie enterprise really comes into its own. The hugely successful and varied line of bibs, all designed in Sweden, feature a series of both classic and modern patterns that should be able to cater to the most discerning tastes. There are currently a total of 28 designs to choose from, so parents can enjoy selecting their preferred styles from options including whales. pink flowers, cars, rainbows, daisies, cherries, and many more. You can also choose your color, ensuring that the whole process of buying a silicone bib is fun, easy, and practical.

Dishwasher safe – practical matters

Rest assured that the Mushie range of baby bibs will survive your dishwasher, if that’s your preference for cleaning. You will also find that it is very easy to simply wipe the silicone bibs clean with a damp cloth and maybe a touch of soap.  It is the cleaning of the bibs that has become a winning factor for parents. It is one of the most oft-cited features mentioned in the comments when reviews are written for Mushie’s standout products, so we will end this article on this note. Happy parenting!


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